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Made With Paper and Scissors, Swedish Artist Bea Szenfeld’s Designs Rock

Never coming up flat is the work of Bea Szenfeld, a Polish-born, Stockholm-based artist whose medium is paper. Szenfeld worked as a ceramicist and sculptor before pursuing a fashion degree at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. After graduating, she landed a job in the industry. Quickly realizing that working with commercial clothes was not her thing, she “jumped back to work with clothes in art.” Inspired by the experimental garments she made at school, Szenfeld chose to work again with paper. 

Each garment is handmade in a process that might be described as analog, and is constructed using materials that can be found in any corner stationary or hardware store: scissors, tape, staples, bone folder, needle and thread, paper, sometimes a glue gun or drill. Some of Szenfeld’s pieces feature origami folds, others are accumulations of thousands of individual pieces, some separated by a small pearl. 

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