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G. F Smith Reveals the World's Favourite Colour with New Installations by Artists and Designers

Finding the world’s favourite colour may sound like a ambitious and daunting task, yet it is one that, earlier this year, G. F Smith took on with gusto. A global survey ensued, with thousands of people from over 100 countries worldwide voting for their most beloved shade. The Hull-based paper manufacturer announced Marrs Green – a deep green hue with a tinge of blue – as the winning colour. Submitted by survey participant Annie Marrs who was inspired by the landscape that surrounds her home in Scotland, the teal shade now joins G. F Smith’s Colourplan range as the 51st shade, and is available for use by designers, brands and individuals via their website.

To celebrate the launch, G. F Smith has curated the exhibition ‘Paper City’ – a showcase of beautiful and surprising installations, that will be on display across a number of locations in Hull where the brand has been based since 1885. 

Explore the exhibition here: